Indianapolis to Chicago, USA

Checking off Indiana[polis] on my way to Chicago!

Driving through Indiana was a bore, lots of cornfields… there were some spectacular energy turbines- SO MANY! Other than that, I made it to Chicago with great timing. I was welcomed by Arden, Wes and a glass of champagne! I love it here. I’ll be hanging out with John before dinner and Scott after. Chicago is such a great place, I could live here.

… later that night
I decided before my trip that I would only drink in places I am visiting with friends. I only tend to drink socially anyway, so no real challenge. Not only did we celebrate my arrival with champagne but we continued.. 3 bottles later and a milkshake martini, I was easily drunk. John met up with us at Rudy’s. I met John on a previous trip to Chicago. He is lots of fun, so I was happy I got to see him during this short stay.

Recap of 9/6/18 night (following morning)
Scott came over once he finished work. By the time he finished and was able to get to the city, it was after 9pm. He hadn’t been drinking at work, obviously, so I almost felt like he was my babysitter. We got some excellent pictures- I’ve never wandered Chicago at night. I’ve been out at night but only in Ubers going to resturants. I definitely fell into some bushes near millenium park- I was trying to sit on a chain barrier. I now have a huge bruise on my thigh, I bruise like a banana. Scott picked me up from the bushes and we moved on. We went to Buckingham fountain and the bean. We eventually were kicked out of the park because they were closing- who knew? I guess I’ve always assumed free, public parks were always opened. When we got back to the condo I decided to take Scott to the roof. Arden’s place is in the BEST location in Chicago and the views on the roof are AMAZING. Eventually scott had to leave as he had a long 10 hour shift today. Off to bed I went, I slept very well, and although I woke up hungover I could not let the day be wasted.

Me standing with an umbrella under the 'bean' in Chicago- it's raining and the skyline is perfectly reflecting off the statue.

I had previously decided to go to Lincoln park today, so I left around 1030. I went searching for a food truck park, oh the walk, I circled around at lease 2 times until I realized I was just one block short. It began raining, and I was too stubborn at this point to eat at a restaurant, under a roof. So about 2 hours of walking only just a few blocks away, I decided on pork mac and cheese. I couldn’t finish it, it wasn’t my favorite, but the food truck was featured on Food Network. I would not recommend it. Then I picked up a baseball cap from Nordstrom Rack and then an umbrella at H&M. I went back to to the Cloud Gate [the bean] to hangout because I wasn’t going all the way to Lincoln park in the rain. The rain stopped around 1400 so I made my way to Lincoln Park. I took the redline to a bus. I really like using public transportation in cities I don’t know. As I waited for the bus I called my sister. I was alone at this stop and it was in a part of the city I had never been. While I was talking to my sister she started telling me the crime statistics of Chicago. This was my third time to Chicago, she has never been, and I couldn’t believe what she was telling me. I have always been drawn to Chicago and it has a sense of comfort to it. I couldn’t let the stats ruin my perception of this city- but I put my guard back up. In all honesty, I was naiive to put it down. My friends live here, I have a place to go back to, but I also am wandering alone in a huge city in new territory while they are working.

view of a pond in Lincoln Park

The bus finally arrived. I got on the bus on the wrong side of the street, so I had to ride the entire route. The driver was really sweet and told me to stay on and she would let me know when to get off. I finally made it. I went to the zoo and took many pictures and made my way back. I walked nonstop, non-stop for 7 hours. I then came back to the condo for dinner. I got to see Jodie again (she met me last time I was here), Kelly from Atlanta, and Corine from Germany. We’re sitting around the living room sharing stories. Looks like I have a long drive tomorrow though, so I’ll go to the hot tub, shower and call it a night. Hopefully I’ll be up to catch the sunrise.
Next stop: Michigan.

9/8/18 morning update
After having had such a great time in Chicago, I was relaxing in the hot tub. The hottub is on the rooftop overlooking Lake michigan. I was there facing the city when I heard gunshots. I was so alert, this was the first time Chicago felt dangerous. I noticed reflections in the windows on all the skyscrappers and turned around to a tremendous fireworks show. I enjoyed a private firework show to myself, a show good enough for the fourth of july, on a random Friday night in September. This is how my last night before my official solo road trip would end. A perfect farewell to my ordinary life to the unknown yet hopeful adventure ahead.

To be honest, Cincinnati was just a logistical stop on my way to Chicago. While in Chicago I was not truly alone and so my first state I had never been to and my first trip all alone would be in Michigan.


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