I wrote this quick post for my birthday- to share on social media.. I wrote this on the 30th of December and realize it is an entire contrast to what I just wrote about Failure- see my last post. I know people talk about social media being a highlight reel. I agree, but this post is true. I felt every word I typed- so it made me think; If we share the good times on social media, and not the bad (esssentially creating our highlight reel) does it make the post fake? I don’t think so. I didn’t post this post to prove to anyone that I am happy- I wrote this post to share a reflection from age 20 to 30. It was a birdseye view of my life. Whereas the last post is an upclose view of the moment, of a few hours of doubt. It’s ok to have varying thoughts, life happens, we can have an overall feeling of pride while also experiencing stress and doubt. In the end, I am still positive about life and every choice that has led me to where I am now. If anything I am becoming impatient for the next chapter. I also went hiking the day of this IG post. =)

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