Hippies can still support the Military

Do you remember learning about fallacies in english class? It was 9th grade for me. It stuck… I realized then how dangerous the ‘either or fallacy’ is and I continue to remind myself as I broaden my understandings in life.

Don’t let contradicting ideas limit your beliefs. There is room for both. People with open minds will understand and people with closed minds aren’t ready- that shouldn’t stop you from caring about complex issues if they align with your values and experiences. I wrote this quick post below to share on my personal IG.
I was volunteering with Wreaths Across America- knowing full well that the military is one of the largest polluters. I will always support our men and women who serve the military- I appreciate them. They are fighting for my freedom, while I use my freedom to fight for the World. My support is with our military (even if I don’t always support why they are at war; granddaughter to a Vietnam vet here) while I struggle with feelings about the government on both sides. Like everything else, I think the answers lie somewhere between two sides. Therefore, I use my vote (dollars and electoral) to deal with the business aspect of the government… that’s the difference for me. Read the IG caption below.

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Unlimited beliefs. 👇👇 . Because there's room for both. . Last weekend I volunteered with my mom to lay wreaths for Wreaths Across America. While I am not naiive to the amount of damage the US military causes to our environment, I continue to support the military. A lot of people see in black and white, but over my life I have found more comfort in the greys because beliefs are complex and can be contradictory… and there is room for both. . My grandfather's, both, fought for continued freedom. While I only met one, we became very close. He meant everything to me and had a big, positive, impact on my life. He also had a huge impact on many others lives. He naturally created communities wherever he involved himself. He supported ideas and dreams and encouraged my growth. He taught me to have an open mind while also challenging me to speak up about my own beliefs even if they'd conflict others. . . Why? He probably wanted me to exercise the rights he fought so hard for. While I knew him, he lived an amazing.. even lavish, life. It wasn't until after his death, through documentations of his work and my own travel did I start to even BEGIN to understand what he lived through and why our rights and freedoms are so important. . . So yes, I strive everyday to be better. I monitor and adjust my habits to leave the world better than it is today. I continously am learning about my impact and how I can grow. While I also am so proud to be an american citizen.. not always agreeing with our leaders but in love with the country, the landscapes, and the opportunities I have here. I'm grateful and appreciative to the people who ensure I can keep my rights. 🇺🇸 . . #idhikethat #keepnaturewild #nomoreplastic #optoutside #thediscoverer #gooutside #happyplace #USA #globetrotter #travelguide #solotraveling #travel #adventure #explore #explorerbabes #sheisnotlost #igpassport #pictureoftheday #hello_worldpics #impact #america #american #freedom #military #thankful #environmentalist #support #greyareas #unlimitedbeliefs #hippie

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A traveler who has allowed the World to show her that extreme posing beliefs are necessary to find the sweet spot that is revolutionary. Because life is too complex; it’s a balance of black and white; we need to blend the two so we can live in the grey space of an Open Mind. Currently finding a balance in exploring the World and being sustainable everyday.

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