Hippies can still support the Military

Do you remember learning about fallacies in english class? It was 9th grade for me. It stuck… I realized then how dangerous the ‘either or fallacy’ is and I continue to remind myself as I broaden my understandings in life.

Don’t let contradicting ideas limit your beliefs. There is room for both. People with open minds will understand and people with closed minds aren’t ready- that shouldn’t stop you from caring about complex issues if they align with your values and experiences. I wrote this quick post below to share on my personal IG.
I was volunteering with Wreaths Across America- knowing full well that the military is one of the largest polluters. I will always support our men and women who serve the military- I appreciate them. They are fighting for my freedom, while I use my freedom to fight for the World. My support is with our military (even if I don’t always support why they are at war; granddaughter to a Vietnam vet here) while I struggle with feelings about the government on both sides. Like everything else, I think the answers lie somewhere between two sides. Therefore, I use my vote (dollars and electoral) to deal with the business aspect of the government… that’s the difference for me. Read the IG caption below.

&& if you want my more of my thoughts on the military and government click here.

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