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I don’t typically talk about politics… to any one, because I never had a big stance. I’ve always gone back and forth about which party I support. There is one thing that ALWAYS remains; I think every American, NO MATTER YOUR PARTY, should always support our military members. Please hear me out with an open mind and share your thoughts below. I’m not here to act as an expert but I’m starting to understand and conceptualize my thoughts when it comes to the government- more than I ever have in the past. Obviously, I’m just getting older and just learning more about life in general. So here are my thoughts.

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When the military was set up, it was made under the simple premise of protecting our freedom. It was our way to establish and keep our democracy so other countries could not gain power over us. I’m not sure if this is when people were required to sign up to be drafted… but regardless this is why people in the military are happy to join. They are fighting for their country! But what if the country isn’t actually under threat? I am not questioning WWI or WWII, but I would challenge you to learn more about the ‘secret war’ (Cambodia) and get more in depth understandings about Vietnam War. Cambodia and VietNam are still recovering from wars that ended in the mid 60’s and 70’s (respectively)- I encourage you to go see these places and learn their perspectives. Find ways to learn about these topics before you speak on them. Find teachers outside of our government. You’ll be shocked to find out about other countries who have all the freedoms and none of the blood- not any recent blood. Are we using a timeless grudge to act on an in the moment gain?

bullet shells laying in the desert in Marfa, TX.

Have you ever heard of Orange Agent?
&& Did you know we knew about the affects of it, and still used it, and still sent our troops into it.

A photo of a photograph from the War Museum in HCMC, VietNam- a black and white of an U.S. soldier holding a human corpse.

Find out why and how we actually got involved in those. I speak up about those 2 because I visited the places it happened; I got both perspectives. I also have loved someone who fought in 2 of the above mentioned (possibly the secret, too) and also the Korean. A lot of the wars we have been involved in, our allies have stayed out of… a lot of the wars we have been involved in involve oil. It involves us trying to take a commodity that is not ours- us robbing a country. If you aren’t aware, Trump has been trying to drill in our own protected lands for the last year… now this?! I’m not here to argue if this one is worth fighting or not- so read on.

If the government was a company, then our military members are their most loyal customers- I’d even consider them stake holders; I mean their putting their lives at stake!! While the government and military go hand-in-hand it IS a Monopoly. The people in the military do not control the market place. The business is not evolving with the market… it is controlling it with power. I’m talking about the government controlling the military and pretending we all have some say. I’m not even talking about the draft yet. WHY DON’T MILITARY MEMBERS HAVE MORE SAY IN THE INVOLVEMENT IN WAR? If it wasn’t a monopoly, this would’ve adjusted by now in a business cycle where we vote using money and we ALL have a real say. I think this was the intention behind having a democracy.

gas masks lined in a case at the War Museum in HCMC, VietNam.

To further this thought… the government is DANGEROUSLY intelligent and also manipulative. Look at how the recruiting works. I’m talking about how they target their audience. They create the lifestyle an 18 year old wants- FREEDOM… from their parents. They are handing them what they dreamed about with the chance of going to war being pretty slim. Painting the picture of a lifestyle anyone with pride would want to sign up for: being a hero, fighting for our rights. Then they bundle that image with benefits any other 18 year old could never acquire that quickly, they make it a no brainer. This was always appealing to my group of friends when we were 17, 18, 19… 23. Most of us thought parents were selfish for not supporting their children. Were they though?

Think the government doesn’t know what they’re doing? Don’t be Naiive.

A photo of my grandfather and I dancing at my sisters wedding in 2012.

What if these parents realized the government was targeting young, impressionable people who don’t fully understand the politics behind the wars. What if they’re going after ego’s and feeding them psychologically to be willing to die for a cause bigger than they are comprehending. I’m not calling any of these military members dumb, or incapable. I wanted to join! You know who told me I wasn’t allowed? My grandfather; a colonel in the army… a Duke graduate…  a man who served more years than most are even allowed. Then he remained involved with the government thereafter.
I won’t go into what I’ve come to understand (through travel), what things he must’ve known as well as seen. He never would talk about the wars, after he passed, we learned more about him through his burial at Arlington, they revealed he was a spy in WWII. I recieved a box of pictures and documents he never revealed; I have letters from his soldiers after they returned home. He was lucky, he didn’t come out with any psychological issues. He devoted his life to the military and he wouldn’t want any of his grandchildren or his 2 sons before them, to join.

A photo of a photograph, from my grandfather collection. It's sephia toned- from the actual VietNam war of him front and center commanding his troops.
my grandfather leading his troops in VietNam.
Another photo of a photograph from my grandfather;s personal collection from VietNam War. Him and 2 others on a stand.

I know many people in the government and probably much of the military know there is more beyond what is told to the public. How many other people saw meme’s about warning them that the government was going to react while we were distracted with family and presents for the holidays… people are noticing the strategies- pointless distractions ‘ebola outbreaks’ and ‘no clapping in movie theatres’ as signs.

So, how do we fix the market to force the company to adjust with the times and let the most loyal customers/stake holders have a say? If it wasn’t a monopoly, this would’ve adjusted by now. And instigating a war would be less likely. The US was not under any huge threat before “we” decided to kill Soleimani. Now we are. We started this, and to make matters worse- on foreign soil (Is Iraq even involved?). The story keeps changing but there is no standing evidence as to why this highly respected man of his military was killed. Of course they f*cking retaliated. Now we are going to go into a war?! Again, this post isn’t about THIS time.. it’s about all of it. Read on.

I can’t speak on the specific situation- I don’t know the full story, I’m not in it. I’m questioning the true intentions behind Tump. Why now? The story keeps changing… what’re the intentions behind the killing? I’m not saying he did or didn’t deserve to be killed; That’s not my place. I know killing him was a strategic move though…

The 9/11 memorial- ground zero in New York City, a small American flag sticks out of the carved names.

Time for an update: U.S. military

Our active duty military members need more rights in the say of this contract they’re signing. Stakeholders have a say. It needs to start with more transparency. They need to have a say in when we can attack, not congress. Only 13/28 congress members are listed as veterans. If they have a say in the war- it needs to be 100%. And guess what… veterans are also democrats- this shouldn’t change having both parties involved. And while I am here… women should be required to enter the draft while we are in this time of EQUAL WOMAN RIGHTS. That way the next argument about my congress idea isn’t going to be fought with sexism. Another NEWSFLASH, women are veterans, too. I’m gonna wrap this up because I can keep going and this is way longer than I intended. 

We have established our freedom already!!

I will continue to support our military regardless if I agree with the reason we are at war; I just think they should have a bigger say in this contract!! Is this possible? Can the people, military (and even the other American citizens) have a legit say in where our government gets involved. The whole idea of voting has gone to sh*t. This is IMO the most devastating part of our loss in control in the democracy.


Is this what the founding fathers had in mind? World Domination… ?

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, USA.

After a couple people reached out, I wanted to further my search on Iran/USA relationship; mainly because that’s where they questioned my thoughts. To summarize what I’ve found:
There was a series of events in the 1970’s, the Iranian revolution; the USA was involved in this. We were involved in overthrowing their monarchy, for exchange of cheaper oil, and helped to establishing their republic. This took away the free society they once had.
I implore you to research more about the money Trump alluded to in his speech- educate yourself. Read about the Islamic Revolution.
Do NOT rely on ONLY the news, or like-minded people, go beyond your typical sources. Find other views and ideas- HAVE REAL CONVERSATIONS! Find multiple sources!!
I had 2 people reach out to me on two oposing sides- so I dove into both, found enough info to pick my side and wanted to share this tid bit of info I did uncover to let you go on your own search.

Click here to see how I learned about the Secret War.

Or here for my time learning about the Vietnam war and crawling through the thunnels. If you don’t know about the tunnels… then DEF click here.

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