It wasn’t for the Environment

;I did it for me. Celebrate what you already do right! Whether on purpose or by chance, I bet you’ve already been doing sustainable things. This is about things you’ve been doing, regardless of the environment. Like working remote, shopping for local produce, and using public transportation.

The more I learn about ways to be sustainable, the more I discover things I already do. This post is meant to show you the actions you do every day that are already positively impactful. It may also give you ideas, or practices, you didn’t realize related to sustainability. It’s things I have been doing; not in the name of sustainability but for beauty, saving money, or even health. This list may also prompt you to continue doing something that isn’t routine, but that you enjoy. 

Because in the end…
EVERY choice we make impacts the environment.

Here is how I already was being POSITIVELY impactful:

  • I have always been frugal and have lots of fun shopping secondhand. I go to consignment stores for clothes and furniture or thrifting for household items and books. A lot of my favorite things come from these places and I have a ton of fun looking around. Now I have an excuse to do it more! This is a form of reusing or recycling, so less ends up in landfills and also means less demand for NEW items. Even if you aren’t comforable shopping secondhand PLEASE donate to them, don’t just throw your things away.
  • I never drink water, so I never buy bottled water- haha. Ok, so I hated water until I bought a water bottle I enjoyed drinking it from. I wanted to drink more water for health and beauty benefits. So I tried a couple water bottles and settled on one I love. I have purchased 3 total; 2 for me, 1 as a gift! It got me drinking water!! It keeps me hydrated and healthy- I notice the change in my skin. It also cuts back on all the plastic bottle waste! Now I even drink water from a glass.
  • I use(d) dry shampoo. I hate getting ready for work in the morning! I am a night owl, so I want to sleep. I used to wash my hair EVERY night, then style my hair EVERY morning. Add in everything else essential to a morning routine and it took an hour to get ready. I’m always shocked when my friends have the best hair and they tell me they haven’t washed it for days. I have A LOT of really thin hair; that means my hair gets greasy fast. I’ve now figured out how to train my hair with little to NO dry shampoo, because TALC is bad for your scalp. AND I’m not sure that aerosols are good for the environment either. I used what I had left of my Batiste can in the ‘training’ phase. So, while I am not sure if dry shampoo is totally good for the atmosphere, it helps to save water and electricity*… while also saving you time and making you look good! I have since ‘trained’ my hair to make it to day 4 before washing without dry shampoo. *cuts back power for styling tools and heat for the shower.  
  • Trader Joe Bags!! I love the reusable shopping bags from Trader Joe’s. I used to use them to transfer my groceries from my car to my apartment because I could fit 4-6 grocery bags in 1. Now I bring them in the store- I know that’s the whole point. They are super sturdy and I’d highly recommend them- I bought them in the mystery pack. They would also be fun to collect from your favorite city- they are themed by locations. The mystery pack includes 3 random locations or you can buy them specifically for the location you are shopping in. This obviously cut back on those hard to recycle shopping bags.

Other examples: I read ‘real’ books (no power needed), I don’t watch a ton of TV (less electronics), I have moved my bills to electronic form and stopped promotional mailings (to cut back on paper/mixed material waste and cut back on gas/fossil fuels), I have LED lights (they use less electricity and last longer- so less material overall to produce)… THE LIST GOES ON!

Look around every day and I’m sure you’ll notice things you are already doing. You are already on the right track. Think about before you did those things… I remember what it was like to hate water, and now I love it.

Of course there is a transition phase; but a lot of this is easy to change and hard to reverse.

We can’t get the time back #WOHO.

I meant for the quote above to be about changing habits but it applied all too well to the WHOLE purpose of this site. To be honest, it was tough to force myself to drink water (not kidding, I did it for my skin) but once I found the right bottle and made it a habbit I truly do not think I could go back. Same with cutting back on washing my hair. Now my skin looks great and my hairstyles last longer; I am no longer rushed in the morning!

Me laying on my bed foundation free, with only mascara on im showing off my glow with less products!

Even cooking at home, eating leftovers, or meal prepping is HUGE into helping sustain our World. I bet you are doing even more than you’ll notice! I want to compile a list of quick alternative things we can do in our everyday lives. I’m going to take notes everyday for a month as I notice things I should celebrate. I invite you to comment below some of the things you notice you’ve been doing all along, too. Even if it’s “reusing my Hillshire Farm bin for sandwiches instead of ziplocks” <– that’s really something I used to do; I still would if I ate sandwiches. They keep the sandwich from smooshing!

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