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I get really excited when I find well-known, established, companies that are TRULY adjusting and/or looking for ways to move toward sustainable practices. Some of these companies will pioneer the way for their respective industries. There are 2 in particular I have discovered that made me really happy- one in toothpastes and the other aviaition. I will list these 2 below and what they are doing. I also include a review about a company many people are discovering right now… because I have mixed feelings.

There are clickable sentences throughout the post to link you to more detailed articles; my sources or the company site.

These are companies that are adjusting to the demand of the market or even to the government regulations. I will continue to add links to this list for more companies as I find them. This is not a list of companies who’ve always been sustainable. It’s not companies like Patagonia, known for their practices as part of their mission since they started; these are companies/industries who’ve been otherwise hurting our environment. I’ll always be adding here, and if you learn of one- comment below.

I am more likely to buy from the companies below should I need a comercialized product. For instance, the toothpaste tabs are not yet where I need them to be for my dental health- I still am buying regular toothpaste. I can buy bigger bottles, and even cut the tube to scrape ALL of it out… but it’s still non-recyclable mixed materials. So, I am going to support the companies working on a solution to the packaging. I find this information while I intensly search for alternatives to my everyday routines.

Toothpaste: While my favorite has always been Crest, I am switching to Colgate because they’re trying to make a breakthrough with the packaging. Toms already produces and sells toothpaste with recyclable packaging- I just cannot find the flouride option in my local store. I’m currently in the market to find the perfect toothpaste tabs!

Travel: It’s no secret that airplanes are bad for our environment. They’re worse than any other means of travel transportation. I was excited to find an Airline taking initives to recognize this and deliver a solution; Alaska Airlines. Because in the end, I’m going to continue flying. I do use other forms of transportation: cars, buses, trains, boats… etc and recommend them as additional ways to see places you’ll otherwise skip in the air. I even try to opt for the most sustanable (how it’s powered) ones.

That being said, I drove my car (solo) all over the US, which is not super sustainable but it is a better alternative than flying for the amount of places I wanted to see. It’s also good on gas when properly maintained and I don’t idle for long periods of time. For those of you driving daily, please make sure you maintain your vehicle so it’s performing at its best and don’t leave it running when you’re in park.

Household cleaning: While hovering into ‘Greenwashing’ territory, I still encourage people in early phases of becoming sustainable to look at Grove. The company itself is not sustainable and has used the “Green Movement” as a way to make money. They made ‘good’ products more convenient. Convenience is rarely the #1 factor in sustainable brands. The most conveninent things are typically the most wasteful. HOWEVER, for the majority of American households, these products will be more eco-friendly than what you are currently using && can EASILY be transitioned to your routine in place of them. These products aren’t new- they are brands you can find on Amazon or at Target, too. The brands are NOT the BEST brands: this is not your finish line… but if you are using Amazon or shopping for name brand cleaning products, use Grove as a guiding list to better products; ie, Mrs. Meyers. Or scroll down for EVEN BETTER!!

Greenwashing is the practice of making an unsubstantiated or misleading claim about the environmental benefits of a product, service, technology or company practice. Greenwashing can make a company appear to be more environmentally friendly than it really is.

If you are already using this service- it’s not too bad; a great place to start. The problem lies behind the operations; there has to be tons of wasted emissions and packaging. The multiple brands being shipped in bulk to their warehouse, then sorted and REdistributed to you… in MORE PACKAGING, using MORE GAS. If you already go to Target or order from Amazon, just add it to your cart there. The best way to shop is local, or at the least, in person because it means less packaging and overall gas.

I will include better companies throughout my blog. An example for household cleaning would be: BlueLand; A company getting rid of all the unnecessary containers- you get a set of glass dispensers from the start (or use dispensers you already own) and then instead of squeezing products from a Costco sized larger container- you’ll just drop a new tablet in and mix it with water. Because I forgot to mention, product containers are often wasted packagaing themselves; Even if they’re recyclable, REUSABLE it better.

I cannot stress it enough, a lot of the NEGATIVE environmental impact happens before it even reaches the consumer. To help this, we not only need to be mindful when we have it, but mindful of where it came from/ who we are supporting.

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I am currently creating a post to list Greenwashing companies I’ve come across; Or brands with good ideas but horrible execution. With heightened demand, brands will continue to use PR and marketing to join the movement. I recommend referencing the page when you find a new brand you are unsure of. I will link it here when I post.

To find similar posts, use the ‘narrow by’ tags on my page. I will be tagging these posts as ‘becoming sustainable’.

Similar posts still to come: Reduce, reuse, recycle; what this really means! Recycling information; because it’s not equal. Giving gifts while sticking to your values. Fashion brands that are better than others; because the fashion industry is THE WORST. …. I’ll also talk about being sustainable while traveling, and talk about more brands I love as I discover them.

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