Monday Movement.

Hey guys! As I mentioned before, I have cut back significantly on my animal product intake. Mostly in the meat department but I am also working on cheese. I am in no way a vegan or even vegetarian. I made a few switches when I began living alone- like switching to almond milk. I did this because I was never a huge fan of milk, and hardly ever finished a ½ gallon before it expired. Almond milk tastes just as good and lasts much longer (It definitely has a different taste- drinking it straight, but I tend to only use it to mix in things like coffee or protein).
Cheese wasn’t really a staple ingredient in SE Asia and I naturally tapered off when I was there. I still eat a lot of fish and chicken but I cut most beef from my diet and I’ve never included much pork. I tend to reserve beef for restaurants as a special occasion sort of meal. Even then, it isn’t always my ‘go-to’.

Please eat less meat – meat is a very carbon intensive commodity. 

Rajendra K. Pachauri

As part of my BECOMING SUSTAINABLE journey I have decided to make Meatless Monday a thing. Studies say we can eat our way out of the climate crisis. I noticed I started adding more chicken and even turkey back to my diet when I was not as regimented, I lost focus. I was being better about using all parts of the animal… yet I was still eating something that took many more resources to produce. I’m hoping by designating a full day I will be more accountable to my cutback. Meatless Monday for me is going to be more than meat- I am going to forgo eggs, cheese, dairy and meat. I will essentially be vegan on Mondays.
I’m hoping this will be a new thing that is as catchy as Taco Tuesday- something I am notoriously known for. Regardless, I think it would be easy for anyone to join me, at least in cutting meat, on Mondays. Some meal ideas for the day: fresh fruit or overnight oats for breakfast, a vegetable based sandwich or a hearty salad for lunch, and a pasta or grain based dinner.
Perhaps this can be a day where we make sure to use any soon-to-parish vegetables or an opportunity to splurge on organic produce. I DEFINITELY put my health over being sustainable and I’ve found it mostly goes hand in hand. I think implementing a plant based day 1x per week , especially to start my week, will really rejuvenate me. This is definitely a win win solution.

On average, a vegan, a person who doesn’t eat meat or dairy, indirectly consumes nearly 600 gallons of water per day less than a person who eats the average American  diet.

National Geographic

Please join me in eating less meat and becoming more sustainable.


I also completed the Ayurvedic body/mind test sometime while I was traveling. Upon learning more about this I realized my body is 50% fire, mostly Pitta followed by Kapha and then Vata. My mind is 74% Vata. This is somewhat complex system of medicine. I don’t pretend to know it, I’m really just understanding the basics- it makes sense though! Therefore, I might also try to start cutting back on hot, spicy type foods and work on taming my heat. This wouldn’t have worked when I was traveling. I’ve clearly had a few months to get into a groove but I just haven’t really looked too far into it.
Transitioning into becoming more sustainable gives me opportunities to make better choices all around; maybe this will be a way to improve my diet. The Ayurvedic recommended foods should actually feed my body its proper nutrients and react better with my body overall. It’s important when we are becoming sustainable that we make changes that are impactful not only to the environment but also for ourselves- we’re more likely to commit longterm. You want to find out more about dosha and your Ayurvedic types click here.

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