Do it for the Children

As if seeing the World wasn’t enough… I find hope every time I see my niece and nephew. All of the children in my life (I am an honorary aunt to about 3 other children) give me hope. They make me want to be better examples for them and a better human to our planet.. because it doesn’t belong to just one country, or one generation… it doesn’t belong to us at all. We are guests to a gracious host who is starting to put her foot down. Let’s help Mama Natch for her future guests. Click here to see how to get involved at a state level and make a BIG change.

Below is a personalized message I added to a letter I sent to my state:
My niece running, back to the camera, on the soccer field after her brothers game wraps up!

Plastic is a World issue, each community has to do their part. We are all affected by the plastic issues; single-use plastic is the most ineffective solution to the excessive collection of toxic waste. “If a bathtub was over flowing, we would first pull the drain plug before we grabbed a mop.” So while, we can continue finding ‘possible’ ways to reuse and recycle.. we should first cut back the collection- cut back the production. We have enough plastic in this world to recycle as is and we will not catch up to the problem if we continue living the way we are. Grocery bags can’t even be recycled in our systems because they mess up the sorting machines. And those properly recycled in stores are not truly affective in the ‘loop’. Maryland could be the 8th state to enact bag laws to increase the potential to build a nationally recognized law; until then let’s figure out how to solve our issue at the micro level. This should also include produce bags. It should be made illegal for grocery stores to buy plastic single use bags- of course they need to reduce the stock they currently have. It does no good to just toss their inventory, because it’s already on the planet and “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t equal ‘not a problem’. We need to shut down the production of additional inventory though moving forward! This is an opportunity for community transition and growth, a time where the law will influence societal habits to drive the demand in a positive direction. A movement that will positively affect the World; it’s much larger than a city/county, state, or even a nation.

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