A sustainable way to Valentine’s Day

You might consider me to be extreme- or maybe you actually are even more passionate about the environment than I am. Being kind to the World is my highest priority, it consumes me. I actually have a really hard time justifying anything that is not environmentally friendly. Of course, this is difficult when I have to consider others wants and needs- think birthdays and other celebrations. I definitely feel heard and accepted by family and friends, but I respect that they are not necessarily as intense as I am. That being said I still put my values above other people.

I will not compromise my values for someone else’s comfort or needs. I am authentic to myself.

I used to be an avid shopper- I loved browsing stores on my day’s off and going out with friends. I bought many things I never REALLY needed- all things I just wanted. At this point, I have plenty! I don’t use half the things I have; I’d bet you don’t either. That being said I realized during my ‘Reduce’ (and Reuse) phase that all I really need to buy is: groceries and gas. I have limited my spending by so much!

But what do I do for birthdays and holidays?
Do I just neglect my values and give in to societal pressures? No.

Upclose on padlocks- LOTS, on the famous bridge in Paris, France- 2017.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there are going to be plenty of unnecessary, not environmentally friendly, gifts surrounding us. And with social media, it’s becoming a competition to show that you’re loved.

gift giving while reducing waste.

When it comes to gift-giving I prefer to give experiences over things. For example: for my mom’s birthday I took her to a pottery class. She is a true artist- she loves to draw, paint, calligraphy… everything. So, I thought of something she can’t just do over the weekend at home but that she would enjoy; Pottery (on a wheel). I looked up nearby classes… then requirements (2 visits 3 weeks apart), I thought it would be fun to do together, obviously… but it got pricey. Ugh… but I KNEW it was the perfect idea. Then I figured I would look on Groupon- SCORE. I happily paid for 4 classes- 2 for each of us so we could make our own pottery to include glazing. Then I checked with her to make sure it worked with her schedule and we’ve already attended the first class! We will return in a few weeks to glaze.

For Valentine’s Day I will compile a list of alternative ideas for different types of people- I’ll also include physical gifts that are both thoughtful and environmentally friendly! Some things are simple- a plant instead of a bouquet… as in a beautiful orchid instead of a dozen roses/tulips.

Send me a message if you need more ideas- I am happy to find options for all types of people. Click here to find my ‘more sustainable’ gift guide, as well as idea for each love language.

Stay true to yourself;
your values come before all else-
no matter the celebration.


A traveler who has allowed the World to show her that extreme posing beliefs are necessary to find the sweet spot that is revolutionary. Because life is too complex; it’s a balance of black and white; we need to blend the two so we can live in the grey space of an Open Mind. Currently finding a balance in exploring the World and being sustainable everyday.

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