California II; San Francisco to Big Sur

I drove into San Francisco after dark. I didn’t have cash for the toll, of course there would be a toll, I was crossing the Golden Gate Bridge! I didn’t think this through- I ended up running the toll. I had cash in my car for tolls earlier in my trip but as I drove further west I found tolls with credit card payment- I also don’t typically drive those roads. I arrived to my hotel and was ready to call it a night. I had so much wine earlier. I’m not a very big day drinker, so I was pooped.
Little did I know poop was going to be a major theme with San Francisco. I was excited for the following day, I had an appointment at a Korean bath house. This would help me to detox after so much wine. I had scheduled a body scrub per recommendation from Jocelyn, the girl I met in Seattle from New Orleans. She had never been but all her friends swore by it. I’m so happy they did. Before my appointment I had time to kill. I had read about the Japanese garden so figured I would have another Asian inspired day.

San Francsico, California, USA

I left the hotel for brunch, and had a great sandwich just a few blocks down, it was filling. I noticed I was not in a great part of town so I called Kim. I feel safer on the phone. As I waited to cross the street I noticed a man bent over, with no pants or underwear on. His butthole was facing me. It took a couple of seconds to realize what I was looking at. I was horrified, what is he doing?! He was pooping. RIGHT. IN. THE. STREET. I could not believe this. Aiden, Scott’s roommate in Wyoming had mentioned this, I didn’t think I would see it in action though. Flabbergasted, I continued my journey to find a nice part of town.
Eventually I made my way to the end of the cable car route near a Westfield outside mall. I still wasn’t in the best area. The line to ride the cable car was obnoxiously long and it just wasn’t worth it to me. I was no longer on the phone so I googled the Japanese garden, it was in the Golden Gate Park. Perfect! I jumped in an Uber share and was on my way, only to find out by another passenger that I would be nowhere near the golden gate. He suggested to go to the de Young museum as they have a free tower with 360 degree views of the city to include a glimpse of the bridge. It was a pretty, bright, and clear day so my chances were good. The Japanese garden was a short walk from the museum. This park was very big, and very comfortable. I felt like I finally found the good part of town.

A picture of Japanese architecture and perfectly manicured gardens.

I went to the museum first and then to the tower. I was able to just barely see the bridge. The whole city was clear to see but the bridge was surrounded by fog, go figure. I could see the orange peaks popping out above the clouds. I took some other pictures of the city and decided I’d have to get pictures of the bridge later that night, maybe for sunset. And onward to the Japanese gardens; I stayed here for a little more than an hour.
I was impressed with the story of how this garden came to be but disappointed that the city of San Francisco would not let the family back in after the war; a Japanese family had created this home but after WWII were no longer welcome. The city kept the gardens and made it into a park. I was very impressed with the horseshoe looking bridge right by the entryway. Many people were climbing over the bridge- I never did. The garden was smaller than I had anticipated and I was worried I’d miss my appointment so I didn’t spend a lot of time exploring. I ended up sitting down for tea and mochi ball ice cream instead. Then it was time for my appointment.

A Korean bath house

An ornate beautiful couch with 2 huge vases on each side- inside the bath house lobby.

This was a new experience for me, a bit intimidating. I knew I would need to get naked in front of other women, and I was fine with the thought, but of course I was shy when I was actually in that moment. That moment of getting naked passed fairly quickly and I was absolutely comfortable again. This is a spa for women only, and everyone there is completely naked except the people working. I was so happy to have experienced this particular spa; It was Pearl Spa by Aveda.
I first rinsed off in a shower, with soap but no shampoo, my hair was to be washed in my scrub. Then I made my way into the hot tub. There were about 4 other women in there, all younger than me. After the hot tub I was instructed to go into the ice tub- Brrr!! I did it and then immediately ran to the steam room. I sat in the steam room alone for about 5 minutes. I was excited to be wrapped in warm steam, until the lady came in and told me I needed to submerge myself in the ice tub again! “Just 10 seconds.” Once I was out it was time for my body scrub.
This was a little strange as the provider of my scrub was in lacy black lingerie- an older lady. She started my scrub with me face down. Even though she was wearing rough, pumice-like, mittens it was still relaxing and enjoyable. The body scrub itself was a unique experience but I already want another. She scrubbed me for about 30 minutes- face down, face up, and both sides. I was in very revealing positions but was never uncomfortable.
When my scrub down was complete I made my way upstairs to the mud clay room. I had the room to myself and stayed for about 5 minutes. Then I tried out the Himalayan salt room where I laid for another 5 minutes. After this I had completed everything there was to do. I wish I had booked more services. I wanted to spend more time here, again very comfortable and so freeing. I blow-dried my hair and made my way back to the hotel. I needed to throw on some makeup and get to the golden gate bridge!

The Golden Gate bridge

I originally planned to go to Crissy field but was recommended to go to Marina Green by a local. There was an issue with the Uber app but the driver still let me ride. My drop off location kept me pretty far from the bridge because I had to get out with the local girl by her apartment. It wasn’t far enough to call another car, so I walked the rest- I didn’t make it in time for sunset. It was more like ‘blue hour’, if that’s a thing; I still had some light. I took very few pictures (cellphone only) and walked around the harbor. I could see Alcatraz, too. Then I Yelped a place to eat- Causwells looked good.
I arrived just in time, immediately after being sat there was a wait. I sat outside and had deviled eggs and a beet salad. With the breeze coming off the bay and no sun, it got pretty cold. I went back to my hotel ready to plan my last day in San Francisco. I would walk the bridge! I didn’t have too far of a drive to my next California stop- Monterey. I would easily be able to do the bridge and still catch sunset on the beach.

The Golden Gate bridge disappears into clouds after sunset.

My body had other plans. I was up at 5am… and it wasn’t to catch the sunrise. My stomach was turning and I was in the bathroom for at least 4 hours. Miserable. I’ll spare you the details; I DEFINITELY had food poisoning. What a bad start to an otherwise well-planned day. I ended up driving to Crissy field I felt absolutely horrible still but I REALLY wanted to get some pictures of this iconic landmark. I found an outside store near the bridge and ran inside for some Gatorade hydrating gummies; my body was fully dehydrated after the long morning.
This helped a little bit- I was able to shoot a couple pictures, maybe spending 30 minutes max here. The bridge was completely exposed- the weather was beautiful. There were lots of cyclists and others stopping to take pictures. By the time I found a good spot to take photos from my stomach was turning again and my meter was about up. (I am definitely not proud of the pictures I took here, but they are all I have for now.)  I quickly went back to my car where I could better moderate my temperatures and get comfortable. Then I was back on the road.

Monterey, California USA

October 21, 2018
Luckily I made it to my hotel, no bathroom breaks on the road. My hotel allowed me to check in an hour early, perfect!  A soon as I walked in I was in the bathroom- I MADE IT! I was exhausted after being sick all day so I decided to give my body a rest. It was an easy choice considering all the fog. I had hoped I’d make time for the laundromat but I slept until 19:00 instead. Then I ran out to CVS to get some medicine, soup and crackers. Finally I was able to keep something down. I watched some TV and went back to bed. Needless to say I slept well.

Big Sur

A panoramic that shows the Bixby Canyon bridge (left of the frame) and the Pacific Ocean (right side of the frame).

I couldn’t waste my second day, I woke up around 10:00. Even though I was still sick and frequenting the bathroom I braved a trip to Big Sur. I planned to do 2 hikes- one full mile loop and another leisurely .5 mile loop; easy enough. My body decided otherwise. For starters almost all the trails were closed due to fire erosion, I was happy to be able to make it to Big Sur, the Bixby Canyon bridge was being rebuilt for close to a year and just reopened last month! Most of the trails were still closed and the ones that were open, I assume were crowded. Only 2 were open but all the lots were full.
I continued on to Nepenthe Restaurant, my friend Savannah (back home) had recommended it. The original plan was to be here for sunset, instead I arrived at 13:30. This place was crowded. It is a well-known restaurant with incredible views. I was finally seated- a little over an hour after my arrival. It was a perfect amount of time for me to catch up on my writing. I was uneasy about my options but my waitress suggested the burger as it would be mild and shouldn’t upset my stomach with a side of fries. She seemed like she might be a mom and was very caring when I explained that I was sick but was looking forward to eating here.

I went with her suggestion and had no issues whatsoever. I forgot to mention the tables location, I was seated right on the edge of the deck overlooking the ocean. It was a great backdrop for my lunch considering it was the highlight of my day. It was so good to have real food. After lunch, I drove back to Bixby bridge to catch the sunset. It was only 16:30 when I arrived and the sun wouldn’t set for at least another 3 hours. I took a nap- still exhausted somehow. I woke up around 17:30 and took some pictures while I awaited the sunset. By now there were many people in the area. I had a great spot in my car alone, but I wandered a bit, I even went down the slope that said ‘stay off’ to get away from the crowds; it was worth it. For not feeling well, I made the most out of my Big Sur/Monterey stay. I hope to come back to the Nor Cal coast again, hopefully I’ll be able to hike in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park then.

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(This was my second time ever visiting CA. I waited entirely too long from my first trip- 10 years prior, in 2008 I stayed between Fresno and Laguna Beach to include Santa Monica and Los Angeles, it was my first ever solo trip anywhere).
I didn’t wait that long to make my 3rd trip back. Less than a year from this road trip I did it again. I drove across the country in 2019 to Dana Point. On the way I stopped in Joshua Tree for a few days, Palm Springs, and also traveled the remainder of US-1 from Dana Point south to San Diego to see some friends.
I’ll write about my 2019 trip once I finish wrapping up the 2018 recap. Stay tuned.  

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