Amazon Smile Foundations to Support Today

Jeff Bezos agreed to donate to a charity of your choice. He decided at no extra cost to you, that he would let you decide where he contributes money. After all, you have generously supported his endeavors. So who do you choose?

Do you choose a worldwide organization that touches billions of people? Do you pick a National Foundation or go even smaller? You can pick an organization you volunteer at regularly. Or you can donate to an organization that betters your own neighborhood. The choice is yours. Make sure you have your AmazonSmile account set up and are using it correctly (more on this beyond the list).

A list of Smile Foundations by cause.

Let me begin by saying there are millions of organizations. Upon making these lists I decided to change mine. I was supporting a Nationwide Foundation. Now I am supporting a global one that I think will make a larger impact because of the very niched goal and concentrated audience. So what will you decide? Click the name to learn about the organization.

Racial Equality:

Animal Welfare

Planet Sustainability

All of the above organizations contribute to a better planet and together will improve sustainability. The below organizations are specifically working on cleaning the environment.

Regional Organizations

All of the aforementioned Smile Foundations mentioned are as they appear on the ‘choose/change your charity’ search page.

Amazon Smile Foundations

You can donate to hospitals, medical research (COVID!!!), and even your children’s public school. I looked at wildfire relief and hurricane relief; I could even narrow it down to a station or region.

The options are endless. I hope one of these works for you. If you’re still not sold- I recommend searching your city to support a local organization. After searching your town, skim the ones that include an ‘incorporation year’; unless of course you know the organization. Always Google the organization after reading the snippet on the ‘search charity’ page. I found out many people were donating to ‘Black Lives Matter’ an organization created before this social justice movement and not related. Also, I found an organization to get involved within my own town!

Make sure to actually donate
…ergh, order correctly.

Most people have heard of AmazonSmile but still aren’t shopping on Amazon correctly. Perhaps I should be more clear, most people are not checking out so that the order is contributing to their selected order. Click here to learn how and where to see your contribution total (scroll past 5). And if you somehow didn’t find this supplementary page from that post, give it a quick read too!

Shop sustainably, it helps your community and the future generations of your family.


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