Reusing toilet paper without a second thought

I never would have imagined when I gave up my Sonicare, indefinitely, for a bamboo compostable toothbrush that I would ever give up traditional toilet paper for reusable toilet paper. And it’s true, this year for my birthday I asked for reusable toilet paper from Marley’s Monsters, a company based in Eugene. Paired with my bidet, this change isn’t that crazy… or am I just an environmental lunatic?!

UPDATE: I have brought the Sonicare back out! Did you know there are bamboo replacement heads? Click here to keep using your Sonicare with better heads. Check the details for compatibility, there are two options on the site that fit multiple models.

How did I get to reusable toilet paper?

Again, I NEVER could have imagined where it would take me from the start.

I also went from about 26-30 bags of trash per year (1 biweekly) to 4 total. This was not my intention… I mean originally, it was not. The idea was, to be better than I was a week (or month) before and make small easy changes that would be more sustainable and impact the world around me. I operated on short-term goals that turned into habits and changed the way I made decisions.

If your goal this year is to become more sustainable, I suggest making small attainable goals that will become habits. Habits create lifestyles. Set 10 goals to work on, 1 per month, to reduce your waste. To jump-start your journey click here.

My journey might be more extreme than you’re willing to go. Or maybe you will go further!

Where it all began

I remember I came back from my travels and just saw America from an outside perspective; reverse culture shock. I started to notice overconsumption, consumption I was guilty of, too. We have all been socially programmed and accustomed to think it is normal. It’s ‘weird’ to be sustainable in America. I soon realized that if I looked for ways to change, I would find those other ‘weirdos’ already doing it. I asked my friends on Facebook for easy sustainable swaps. That’s when a college friend of mine said switch to a bamboo, compostable, toothbrush. I was offended. I loved my Sonicare. To me, that was crossing the line but a bidet was not. Then it came time to buy the refill heads AND I was simultaneously learning more about ‘zero-waste’.

I had to make a decision:
Would I make the ethical switch to be more sustainable?
…or continue with comfort and lie to myself about the quality to make myself feel better?

I decided to buy the bamboo brushes and I haven’t gone back since (finally a company came out with Sonicare bamboo replacement heads)! It’s been over a year. I have made so many changes, prior to and since, that bamboo brush swap but I like to measure my growth from that point. As simple as it sounds, that was the moment where I decided I would pick sustainability over comfort/convenience.

It isn’t just the simple plastic that makes the refill heads. It is the resources used to create the plastic refill heads, the electricity used to power the brush and the never-ending waste I create that WILL NEVER biodegrade (can finally be composted). Plastic never does, it just becomes microplastic and even nano-plastic and eventually gets into our own water/food supply. There are traces of microplastics being detected in human poop now and even in a human placenta- as of December 2020. To top it off, only 9% of plastic is truly recycled.

Are you ready?

All this to say, I hope to encourage you to make a list of 10 (or more) changes you can commit to this year. Focus on one each month to create a habit as you move on to the next; form a sustainable lifestyle. I have created a list of ideas or goals, here, to inspire you to Become More Sustainable in 2021.

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