American Roadtrip 2018

California Part III: Sequoia, Yosemite, and Mammoth

I wrap up my visit in California with 2 more National Parks and a visit to the Eastern Sierras/ Mammoth. I venture beyond barriers and find solitude among mountains, almost die, and find serenity under the milky way grounded in a hot spring. Oh! and I get inspired for my 3rd tattoo (which I get later in TX).
This is my second time to CA and my focus is on NorCal. I return in 2019 and focus on the South.

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Asia 2019

Coron, Palawan, Philippines

My last island visit in the Philippines was in the northern Palawan region. I stayed off of Coron Island on a houseboat and then a floating bungalow. This gave me exclusive access to the lagoons before and after normal visiting hours. I also get lost my first night among the gigantic karst, jurassic aged, rocks… in the dark.

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My story

This is my life story as it pertains to travel; from my background and traveling on vacations to the start of my solo journey. I include getting comfortable finishing the 50 states solo and then my first solo international trip all the way to buying a 1 way ticket to indefinite travel.

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