Travel is my greatest teacher because it shares new perspectives- it opens up my eyes and exposes me to a World beyond what I know. Naturally, I want to share everything I learn with those around me. With the encouragement of the friends and family I shared my stories with- I am now sharing them here. I journaled for myself, for my memories, to make scrapbooks to look back on. I wrote as a means to capture and feel all these moments again. I wrote out the expereinces I was capturing in pictures- but then I also wrote about the moments I couldn’t capture in photographs. Now I am sharing them with you.

is it pointless?

As I went through my journal entries and prepared each post- reading and tweaking my words for the internet, followed by hours culling through millions (not exaggerating) of pictures, then picking the select few I’d spend additional time editing…  I realized no one really cares. No one cares what I ate, or who I met… those recaps of my days were for me. Those stories and pictures won’t be life changing for you, the way they were for me. Then I remembered how I got to the point to do it myself, I read someones book about their own journey- with diary-like entries. And after that… all of a sudden I wanted to go to SE Asia. So, I’m going to continue sharing my personal stories… It’s just going to take a little longer.


To my digital travel diaries because Instagram wasn’t enough. I’ve always enjoyed traveling and I absolutely love photography. I did everything I could to capture the moments as they were. Bear with me; most of the entries here were written in real time; I am now going back to make edits and verify names of locations- it’s hard to edit in past tense a post written in present tense. I apologize in advance for tense issues. Otherwise, enjoy my travel stories. (They’re in the drop-down menu). Click here to see all the places yet to come. && for a sneak peek of more pictures- you can visit my personal IG where they were leaked in the moment.

What’s the point?

I tried to document as much as I could but it’s mostly lots of details about my everyday moments. I hope these stories reach people and inspire more people to travel solo. Or to just go outside and explore the world alone. Like I said before, reading another recount of someone’s everyday travel stories is what encouraged me. Anyone can do this! It took me time to build that courage to do it myself. I didn’t just shut the book and buy a ticket. It took more than that, but it sparked it.
If you must.. go with a friend or join a group to get started! Regardless, I think in the end everyone should try a solo trip- at least once. The reason being solo is so important is because it allows for growth and moments of inner reflections- it presents opportunities you’d otherwise miss with the comfort of people you know. If you do go with company- it may teach you a lot about them and in turn your relationship together. I wanted to challenge myself and learn more about me without the influence of those in my life- so I went solo.

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before I packed my bags to embark on longterm solo travel.

Destinations Complete; Posts Pending

I have to write from memory for <2017> Paris, Nice, Monoco, Barcelona, Sitges; <2018> Prague, New Orleans, Germany and Iceland; <2019>;: American Rdtrip II, Canada… Indonesia and Singapore.  yikes!

Use the dropdown menu to find my entries under: American Roadtrip 2018 & Asia 2019. I am currently posting an entry from each trip weekly.