COVID made me settle

Life Update: I moved. I’ve been MIA for about a month on here as I was spending all my off time packing and securing a new apartment. That, and educating myself on the true freedoms or lack there of in America. I fully Support the Black Lives Matter movement- for more of my stance or […]

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Practices, Thoughts

How does COVID-19 affect the Climate Crisis?

After researching multiple reputable sources to include: The New York Times, DW, The Washington Post, BBC, The Carbonbrief organization, and GreenPeace International, I have collected information to share the COVID-19 impact on our climate crisis. While it is a short term positive effect, it is not a solution… CLEARLY. Still, there are some learning points we can take away from this pandemic. Before labeling me an optimist- read the post!

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Quick Reads, Thoughts

Social Distancing; Are you struggling?

As a solo traveller, it’s easy to adjust to whatever life throws at you- even a Pandemic. And as someone who travels to places far from home, social distancing seems pretty normal- not by intention but as a result of the circumstances. I’m not complaining- I’m here to help those who are stuggling with Social Distancing during the Coronavirus, to help contain COVID19 on a social aspect.

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