American Roadtrip 2018

New Mexico, USA

It has been over a month since I was in New Mexico. I am currently about to land in Iceland. My entire 2018 American Road Trip ended about ten days ago. After New Mexico I spent about 2 weeks in Texas. I went north to Oklahoma and through Arkansas to Mississippi and stay in the […]

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Becoming Sustainable, Products

What are the best Zero Waste products?

I have compiled a list of Zero Waste or Less Waste products and behaviors I have been implementing. Here are some places to start- I do lots of research and am only recommending things I truly believe are necessary, not all the extra ‘fun’ products that are only adding to consumption. I have included links as well, either to small shops or to Amazon. I am an affiliate with Amazon so it helps to monetize the site at no extra cost to you; none of these companies sponser me.

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Asia 2019

Coron, Palawan, Philippines

My last island visit in the Philippines was in the northern Palawan region. I stayed off of Coron Island on a houseboat and then a floating bungalow. This gave me exclusive access to the lagoons before and after normal visiting hours. I also get lost my first night among the gigantic karst, jurassic aged, rocks… in the dark.

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