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Dear… you,

I am so happy you found me!! You might have discovered me when you were looking for travel stories, or trip itineraries… or better yet because you just love our damn World. Either way, I was looking for you. I’m looking for select humanKIND to join me on my newest journey. Let’s go! it’s a journey to becoming sustainable. No matter where you are in the World, if you’re ready, you’re invited.

Life within my Lens is a blog where I share my perspectives; things I learn through my life specific to my experiences through travels and transitions. As someone who always wants to be better than yesterday and also loves this planet, I have focused my efforts on Mama Natch. I am making everyday changes to create a lifestyle to be a better human; because we are citizens of a World, not just our home country. As citizens it is our responsibility to protect our land, our futures!

Throughout this journey we will celebrate our differences and understand that not everything that works for one of us will work for others. That’s ok. I KNOW I am not the most informed nor do I claim to be an expert. In fact, I want you to reach out if you have ANYTHING to say. If you have an opposing belief, idea, or another thought perspective from your own experience/lens- SPEAK UP!

This journey is a place to learn from others and expand our perspectives.

I’m hoping to create a community where we all can share our journey together. A place for us to discuss IN REAL TIME what we are learning, choices we are making, and things we love. To share what we are learning from other cultures around the World. We can also share and expose people to what we see- good and bad impacts.
I want to create a place to have real, respectable conversations, a place for people to open their minds and expand their ideas.
This community persues purpose and lives each day with intent.

If this sounds like a community you want to be part of please sign up below- I will send out a link to the community board in the future once we have an active group. I also have a few other ideas for this brand- as for now emails will be few and far between.

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I'm so exciteddd!!
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I also want to take a moment to make a sitewide disclaimer. I tend to feel a bit contradictory in posts where I link products, especially when I am linking to a huge e-commerce company. I find the best place to invest my money is in local shops, but convenience has a time and a place. And I found Amazon to be incredibly helpful when I was on the road for over 4 months. Therefore…

While I do not condone purchasing MORE things- especially BRAND NEW, or ONLINE… I have linked some products throughout my site. I encourage you to always shop local and secondhand when you can, and to buy items ONLY if you truly need them. The links I share will be to direct stores as well as Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Purchases ARE NOT necessary to make changes; and are not environmentally friendly. The products I list can help you change and are environmentally/sustainable items that I personally like.