Hi, I’m Kaitlin. And just like you, I love taking photos and traveling all over the World. I even quit my job, moved out of my apartment, got rid of most of my belongings, and bought a 1 way ticket to Chinag Mai without a definite plan for when I got home. (RIVETING, I know!) I wasn’t sure what I would do when I was done but I was tired of trying to keep up with societal standards and chasing things that didn’t truly make me happy. I (attempted to) journal daily, and took tons of pictures. After returning home and with encouragement from friends and family I took the leap to share my photos and personal travel stories online. That’s how this page started.

I’ll ALWAYS encourage travel. To inspire you to love our World, and not just live in it. In fact, if you want to experience the USA, I’ll help you plan!- from weekend city trips to longterm roadtrip routes, etc…

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why solo?

Anyone can do this! It took me time to build the courage to do it myself. If you must.. go with a friend or join a group to get started! Regardless, I think in the end everyone should try a solo trip- at least once. The reason being solo is so important is because it allows for growth and moments of inner reflections- it presents opportunities you’d otherwise miss with the comfort of people you know. If you do go with company- it may teach you a lot about them and in turn your relationship with eachother. I wanted to challenge myself and learn more about me without the influence of those in my life, I wanted to learn about the relationship I have with myself, so I went solo.

solo travel- traveling alone. Hiring guides when necessary and making friends along the way, but otherwise navigating and figuring everything out on your own. Not joining travel groups, solo; groups traveling together the whole time with the same itenerary.
Solo travel takes you out of your comfort zone and builds internal confidence.

I tried to document as much as I could but it’s mostly lots of details about my everyday moments. I hope these stories reach people and inspire more people to travel solo. Or to just go outside and explore the world alone.

Travel will always be my greatest teacher
…it’s continued to surprise me with lessons I never knew I needed.

how to start

Solo Travel can be challening; challenging yourself brings tremendous growth. If you want to try it, start in a place you’re comfortable. I’m a white, american, female. This makes travel for me in places: like Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand rather comfortable- they’re similar to the USA; they mostly speak english, look like me, and are part of the ‘Western’ world. (Obviously there are still challenges and plenty of opportunity for growth in these places).

Most people are most fearful of safety.

No where is completley safe- not even your home country. Don’t let ‘safety’ deter you. YES, tourists are easily spotted and can be targets- you should try to blend in when you can. You’ll notice this in your own country, too. Look at the tourist destinations; it happens in NYC everyday. Tourists are targeted for petty crime; that doesn’t stop millions of people from traveling there every day! I love going to NYC and Chicago- two known dangerous cities in my home country.

be aware; prepare

In Asia I was a walking target. Target customer. Everyone was welcoming to me, and I didn’t feel any real harm… but many locals increased their prices, even taxi drivers. Based on my looks and accent some locals tried to scam me, they’d concluded I was american and associated that fact with money. I was scammed, knowingly, but stuck by time constraints (at the Manilla airport) I fell privy. Tourists are a main source of income in the Asian countries I visited. Most of the locals I met were genuinely kind.

be smart

The same way I stood out in Asia, I would stand out in India, Turkey, and most of the middle East. These are all places I would like to visit but worry about going as a solo female traveler. I feel like if I stayed in the touristic areas I would be fine (possibly scammed.. ) but that’s not how I like to explore. I like to wander to places outside the touristic stops. If you don’t feel ready because you genuinely are worried for your safety- then wait or go somewhere else! Although truth be told, I have felt unsafe in my own country, as well as in Mexico, Bali, and different parts of Europe.

In the end, I was never NOT safe.

If you are not typically alone in your everyday life, I’d suggest trying a weekend trip by yourself to start. I have lived alone for a while and built my confidence as well as intuition for years. I think these two things help my judgement everywhere. If you live on your own- you already have that advantage. 

What’s holding you back? Really, lets discuss it. If this is something you want to do, I guarantee you it’s possible.

If you want to learn more about the years leading up to me packing my bags and buying a 1 way ticket to travel solo longterm go here.

Destinations Complete; Posts Pending

I have to write from memory for <2017> Paris, Nice, Monoco, Barcelona, Sitges; <2018> Prague, New Orleans, Berlin, and Iceland; <2019>;: American Roadtrip II (2019), Canada (2019)… Indonesia and Singapore.  yikes!

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