Becoming Sustainable

I’m just your average American girl who escaped the box we’ve unintentionally trapped ourselves in. It seems like it happened over night but as I look back lots of factors contributed to this and it was pretty much a huge transition from my 20’s to my 30’s. I slowly remember feeling like I had been figuring out life. In my early 20’s I fully realized I wasn’t the center-of-the world or ‘God’s gift’. I think this is a natural psychological step we go through as we become adults- as we look for freedom and respect from our parents. As a kid I thought choices I made were affecting everyone everywhere… and that things would happen for me if I followed the ‘blue print’. Then reality hit when I graduated from college and I wasn’t handed a job. BUT I HAD GOOD GRADES! The thing is I had to work my ass off all day, to enjoy a mediocre unexciting life.

Ok… so the World isn’t handed to me just because I do what I am supposed to. If I leave my job- they’ll find someone else to do it. If I decide to sleep all day, it doesn’t affect anyone else directly. The World isn’t going to wait for me to wake up… it’s independent and dependent all at the same time.

Reality sits somewhere between the big transition of being the Center-of-the-World and not actually affecting anyone but yourself in the big scheme of life.

It all comes down to conditioning and programming- WE CREATED. This might be very American, or maybe it’s just business in general… maybe it’s universal. (I’m American and I studied business- Econ and Mktg) This is just my perspective, my experiences, and my thoughts. And while I think each person is unique (absolutely none of us have lived the same life), in the end, we are all very much the same.

WE ARE ALL GUESTS IN THIS WORLD, this is Mother Nature’s House; We Only Have One (WOHO)

The more I traveled, the more I saw how my decisions actually DO affect the World. I might not be the center-of-the-World, but my everyday lifestyle IS affecting everyone else.

Once I was able to conceptualize two thoughts I otherwise thought opposed each other, I was able to implement this idea into a belief. Then I started educating myself and realizing it was also a natural phase of growth- this epiphany I had is something people have been trying to tell me all along. I was clearly too stubborn and not ready to hear it. I assume if you are here now, then you are ready. Something has brought you here today- meaning you are self-aware and ready to figure out your balance between the ‘blue print’ we created, and the natural way of the World, from less of an ego standpoint and more from your soul.

We are evolving!

I look at this picture of me- it’s my favorite. It’s not my prettiest or most stylish photo, it’s not going to stop someone in their tracks, and it’s by far not my most liked photo on IG, but I can’t stop looking at it. I look at it every single day; when I look at this picture I truly see me. I see who I’ve always been, I see my growth… I see my soul trying to shine through as I continue evolving.